Mtel, The Experts in Customer Contact

Building up and extending customer relations

As a company or (public sector) institution you are dependent on the faultless, efficient and effective handling of customer contacts. Therefore, you search for professionalism and confidence, but above all: peace of mind. You can find this with Mtel: your partner for building up and extending customer relationships. We distinguish ourselves by a proactive approach and tailor-made solutions based on high-grade technical products, applications and services.

Mtel offers a complete portfolio of smart ICT/telephone services with which you can manage and monitor your customer contact. We provide these services in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. And they are simple for you to integrate with your existing ICT infrastructure.

Our integrated accessibility approach puts your customer at the heart of matters. You can adapt your service level to match the customer and achieve a maximum return from each contact. No matter where or how this occurs, in the contact centre, at the office, at another branch or on the road, via the telephone, email or chat, at your initiative, or at your client’s initiative.

Software as a Service

Mtel provides services in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, based on multi-tenant software from well-respected international players. We customise the configuration of these, specifically for your situation. So you do not need to invest in your own hardware and software. You also do not need to decide now what you think you are going to need for the next five years. With Mtel you can start with the functionality that you need today. We will grow along with you in due course.

Around 20 years of experience in customer contact solutions

With around 20 years of experience and hundreds of customers, Mtel possesses the business and technical expertise to realise reliable, scalable and flexible customer contact solutions. Mtel handles approximately 80,000,000 customer contacts per year. Perhaps you have also had contact via Mtel at some time, without realising it.

The benefits of Mtel

  • Building up and extending customer relationships
  • Managing and monitoring customer contact
  • Your customer is at the heart of matters
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Around 20 years of experience in customer contact solutions