Business telephony in the cloud

SaaS telephony takes over all your concerns

Is your telephone exchange incapable of keeping up with all the changes within your organisation?  Mtel offers you a solution with business telephony in the cloud. This can grow or expand flexibly along with you. Our own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) telephony platform offers you all the required functionality for perfect reachability and working more efficiently.

Save costs with a hosted VoIP PBX

Would you like to make immediate savings on your telephony costs? With SaaS telephony from Mtel you save immediately on your call charges because you only pay for what you use. Furthermore, high one-off investments are a thing of the past.

  • Online corporate telephony: Personal communication tools help your employees to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Integration of fixed – mobile: Seamless integration of fixed and mobile telephony – fixed-mobile convergence.

Time for a good conversation

Mtel is The Conversation Partner for many organisations in customer contact. Ask for a good conversation today about business telephony and the possibilities of an Online Contact Centre with smart IVR software.