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Cloud Contact Center: the benefits of an ICT manager

From on-premise to cloud-based software

A lot of stress is placed on your ICT department when responding quickly to changing conditions in the customer contact market. While, at the same time, the budget is under pressure and safety and privacy require a lot of attention. Cloud-based contact center services give you the freedom to focus on your business.

Developments in customer contact

Much change is being encountered in the methods customers use when contacting you. Besides the phone, customers also want to contact you via email, chat and social media. Contact centers throughout the world are re-assessing their customer contact strategies. Many organisations are exploring the possibility of adding new media to existing equipment or are looking for alternatives.

Always the latest technology

Mtel's Cloud Contact Center means you will be ready for the future. You will always have access to the very latest software version and functionality because the cloud contact center is supplied as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). So there is no need for you to worry about which social media channels will be a hype next year or what impact will be encountered in the underlying system when ‘moves adds and changes’ are implemented. Mtel ensures you are always up-to-date by connecting with all commonly encountered systems and communication channels.

No more maintenance and falling management costs

Your existing contact center software platform is becoming increasingly complex and more and more time and specific IT & telecom expertise is needed to manage it. The Cloud Contact Center means you will no longer require new equipment at your location(s), with Mtel being responsible for technically managing the environment. Mtel can give you even more peace of mind by catering for the 1st line support offered to users. Your ICT personnel will no longer waste time maintaining your systems and you will not have to train personnel in (brand)specific IT & telecom knowledge. Management-related costs will decrease and your employees will be able to focus on tactically and strategically supporting your business.

Customer contact manager can personally implement changes

Does your customer contact manager need to immediately implement changes on a daily basis? Well, this issue is now a thing of the past because you can now personally perform functional management. Thanks to a comprehensive set of online management tools, it is now possible to implement changes at any given moment, and from any device or random location. Workload in the contact center can be immediately reduced via real-time changes in e.g. routing, welcome messages and waiting queue reductions.

Up- and downscaling users and functionality

Just like other cloud-based services, the quality-related benefits of a cloud contact center are undeniable. However, often a lot is determined by the costs. Instead of major investments in the acquisition of equipment and licenses, organisations can now operate based on actual use via a monthly subscription. Cloud-based services are paid for based on use and are flexible and scalable. You will not only be expanding your existing contact centre environment, but will also be adding users and functionality. This means it is possible to easily test other functionality so you know which features best suit your services.

Trusted cloud, ISO 27001 certified

Mtel's cloud-based contact center services comply with Dutch legislation, are ISO 27001 certified and are supplied from Mtel's trusted cloud. Our trusted cloud is a Netherlands-based redundant IP network and features several data centers for providing our services and storing your data. By directly connecting our services to your company network, a service level of 99.95% can be realised and the risk of security incidents can be minimised.

Effective security

Mtel implements strict requirements when it comes to security and privacy. For instance, we have well defined processes for implementing security patches and updates within pre-agreed service windows. In addition, we have an internal policy about confidentially handling private data. If you have questions, or still encounter a problem, Mtel's customer service team will be ready to assist your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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