A conversation with G4S: "Accessibility is reliability"

Interview Richard van Eijndt, Manager Service & Support G4S Cash Solutions

G4S Cash Solutions is a global player in the field of value logistics. In the Netherlands alone, their money trucks make approximately 125,000 stops per month, and the turnover amounts to approximately 100 million. It is a part of G4S, world market leader in safety and security (over 620,000 employees in 120 countries). The core activities consist of complete cash management solutions, money delivery and processing for retailers and government agencies, and the management, servicing, and maintenance of ATMs for banks. In this market, not only security, but reliability is essential, even when it comes to customer contact. Therefore, Manager Service & Support Richard van Eijndt works with the Online Contact Center software by Mtel.

Scrooge McDuck storehouse

‘Chances are that the banknotes and coins in a person’s wallet have been handled by G4S,’ says Richard. ‘Not only because we deliver and collect money at approximately 20,000 retail locations (including Albert Heijn and Aldi), but also because we manage approximately 3,000 ATMs (including ING and ABN).’ This way, G4S handles 70% of all coins. But the services of G4S do not stop there. For example, the company also ensures the money is counted and checked for damage. G4S is certified by the Dutch Central Bank.’

"Thanks to Online Contact Center by Mtel, first line handling has increased to a whopping 99.5%"

Never busy, never transferred

The Customer Service Desk is an essential part of the business operations of G4S. ‘A customer entrusts us with his revenue,’ Richard explains. ‘This means you not only need to handle their money with care, but the data that goes with it, as well. For this reason, we do not want customers to get a busy signal when they call us. In addition, waiting times should be as short as possible and we do not want transfers.’ Thanks to OCC by Mtel, we can achieve these goals. The result is a first line handling percentage of 99.5%! In terms of management information, too, OCC is an improvement over our old system.’

A genuine partner

You do not choose a new system for no reason. In addition, Richard and his colleagues are not only responsible for the contact with retailers, but for the communication surrounding 3,000 ATMs as well. This requires a high degree of flexibility, both of the system and the company behind it. Richard: ‘In 2012, we took another look at how we could best organize the Customer Service Desk and the ATM Service Desk. Reliability and flexibility were our priority, but of course, the costs played a part as well.’ OCC met the needs of G4S, but that was not the only reason for choosing Mtel.

‘What struck me was the attitude of the people working at Mtel. They speak in terms of possibilities rather than impossibilities. They are great listeners and a genuine partner who thinks with you to find the right solutions. I also appreciate their honesty, even when there may be restrictions or more work is needed.’

Rotterdam mentality

The ‘hands-on’ of Mtel is something Richard wholeheartedly agrees with: ‘That is one of the things I appreciate most. We are like that, too, and our department with 18 employees is not the largest contact center. Mtel is characterized by acting carefully where needed, but being pragmatic where possible.’ During the transition to a new version of OCC, Richard experienced that Mtel’s hands-on mentality can be taken quite literally. ‘Mtel knows how important it is that we are always accessible. On the day of the transfer, someone from Mtel was present to supervise the deployment and immediately fix any issues.’

Save on costs, not on functionality

Cost savings are another important reason to choose Mtel. It is an SaaS (Service as a Software) system, which is accessible online. But these cost savings do not result in decreased functionality. Richard: ‘The package provides everything we need. An IVR to serve customers immediately, and our own login that allows us to, for example, quickly modify our welcome message (such as a weather warning for our money trucks).’ The management information that can be retrieved from OCC also plays a part. ‘Answering speed, employee availability, number of inbound and outbound calls, aborted calls, congestion versus occupation; I can check all KPIs at any moment.’ The advantages of this information are evidenced by the results achieved since the implementation of Mtel’s OCC. ‘The answering speed, one of our most important KPIs, has clearly improved. A customer now needs to wait only 21 seconds on average before speaking to a live employee.’ That is a major improvement; we are happy to have chosen Mtel.

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