Mtel customer contact model

The path to discerning customer contact

Mtel’s business consultants and service managers are closely involved in the development that contact centres achieve on their way to realising discerning customer contact. A path that has become familiar, which begins with a hunt group on the telephone exchange and ends in providing proactive advice to customers via email, text and social media. Mtel has brought together its experience with hundreds of businesses and organisations in a new customer contact model. How far have you got with designing and managing your customer contact process?

An overview of the customer contact process

The customer contact process begins with the identification of the customer and finding out the reason for the contact. Thereafter business rules automatically determine what the best way is for you to answer this question from this customer at this point in time: with a specialist, or automatically via self-service. In the case of live handling in the contact centre, it is important to provide the right answer as efficiently as possible and in one go. Finally, the fulfilment phase should be regarded as an integral part of the customer contact process.

‘The steps you can take on the path to achieving discerning customer contact.’

Get started

Discerning customer contact needs to be based on a structured process, supported by smart communication solutions. This is a combined effort between the contact centre, the marketing division and ICT, in partnership with your suppliers. The Mtel customer contact model can be supported in this way. It is intended to inspire you and to set your thinking: where are we now and where do we wish to get to? What concrete steps can we take in order to achieve our objectives?

Whitepaper: Mtel customer contact model

Take the first step now towards discerning customer contact, and download the whitepaper. In this we explain the various elements of the model step-by-step, and we provide tips, ‘best practices’ and conclusions from the customer research recently conducted by Mtel. If you would like to discuss the model beforehand you can contact one of the Mtel business consultants. They will also be pleased to help you complete it. We wish you success!

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