Hosted IVR software

Smart multichannel communication solutions

Do you wish to achieve increased customer satisfaction while also achieving cost savings on your customer contact? Mtel offers you the ability to avoid unnecessary conversations and to keep time available for really valuable contacts. Our own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customer experience platform gives you all the functionalities you need for a discerning customer experience, and via the management portal you can respond immediately to current events.

Customer recognition

Every customer would like to feel that they are recognised and known each time they contact your organisation. If you know and recognise your customer, this enables you to exceed his or her expectations.

  • Differentiation based on customer value: Exceed your customer’s expectations by recognising him or her.
  • Self-service software: Achieve savings of up to 90% on the costs and gain a more satisfied customer.
  • Automatic calling, texting and emailing: Reach your customer quickly and effectively with automated calling, texting and emailing.
  • 0800/0900 service numbers: Achieve a nationwide and professional presence with a service number.
  • Professional voices: Use professional voices for IVR/telephone exchange to represent your organisation.

Time for a good conversation

Mtel is The Conversation Partner for many organisations in customer contact. Why not ask today for a good conversation about business telephony and the possibilities of an Online Contact Centre with smart IVR software.