The end of on-premise communication systems

Telecommunications company Avaya Inc. is weighing a chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and nearing a deal to sell its call-center software unit in an effort to pare its heavy debt load after years of losses. Is this the showdown of the on-premise telecommunication suppliers?

As you all know the cloud is disruptive technology for the companies that acknowledge the possibilities too late. This accounts for your company as you would like to adapt to the fast approaching changes and possibilities in the market. The fact that cloud solutions are scalable, flexible and that you only pay for the use of the functionality per person, make cloud solutions the way to go for companies such as yours.

Major telecom hardware suppliers such as Avaya, Cisco, Mitel and Genesys have been earning money by selling you moves adds and changes, upgrades and new releases. They have made their products so complex that you completely had to rely on them and had to spend a lot of Capex to get new functionality. On top of these investments you had to pay your supplier (like KPN in the Netherlands) a lot of money for service costs.

Latest upgrade
Service costs are just an assurance that someone shows up when the shit hits the fan. Most of the time you will hear that you had this coming since you did not implement the latest upgrade. You will get a temporary fix or be forced to open your wallet and put some money at the table. In the mean time you are losing shiploads of money as you are not reachable for customers, partners and suppliers.

Latest version
With a cloud solution you always will have the latest version of the software. Thereby have access to the latest functionality like social media channels as WhatsApp. You do not have to worry about managing the technical aspects of the system as your cloud supplier will take care of running the technical environment. You will only have to analyse the real-time reports and adjust your operational settings trough the web based management tooling. E.g. during black friday shopping when you most likely will have to adjust your routing to handle all the incomming calls.

Cloud contact center
At Mtel, we have over 13 years of experience with the delivery and management of cloud based customer service solutions and integrated VoIP solutions. At first it was quite difficult to convince larger organisations to move to the cloud. Today we replace on-premise systems (like Avaya or Cisco) all the time and provide a one-stop shop to customers ranging from 100 up to 5,000 FTE. Our consultants can help your company with the best way your company can get used to the cloud. For us it is no surprise that Avaya is filing bankruptcy. As you can read on this page.

Mtel helps many finance, retail and health organisations to achieve their communication goals and to deliver a superb customer experience. Interested in a transition of your telecom systems to the cloud? Our consultants are available for  a meeting to share some thoughts with you.

Welcome to the cloud era!

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