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What is important in omni-channel contact?

Deal with customers in an appropriate manner

Many organisations have known for many years exactly how they should be dealing with their customers. If you get it wrong too often, customers leave and you end up losing them. Initially, many organisations arranged customer contact via a single channel (phone). However, it quickly became clear that customers like to be in control, and channel management made way for multi-channel customer contact. This approach allows customers to select a channel that suits them, or to select several channels at the same time if organisations do not respond fast enough. If customers are not assisted quickly and effectively enough via phone or email, they will air their dissatisfaction on social media.

The basis of omni-channel customer contact

But what do these customers actually want? Sometimes they want quick personal contact; sometimes they want contact when it suits them best; and, at other times, customers don't want personal contact at all and just want to order something. But one thing is important in every case: the way in which customers perceive the contact. And that is the basis for omni-channel customer contact, which is like an evolved version of multi-channel contact, where the focus has shifted from contact via various channels to a tailor-made customer contact experience for customers.

A complete customer contact experience

You will visit a physical retail outlet if you see a nice product on a website, but still want to see it in the flesh. But it is best to first check whether the product is actually in stock, to make sure it won't be a wasted journey. You call the company's contact center and are told that the product is available. When you arrive at the shop, you are really impressed, although it is a little bigger than you envisaged. So you do not take the product with you immediately, but order online and have it delivered to your home. This means you will have used several perfectly coordinated channels for a single purchase, with one source of information, one price and one experience. This is what omni-channel customer contact is about.

Is your organisation ready for the omni-channel approach?

Companies that want to actively implement omni-channel customer contact should be familiar with and research their customers, as this will offer many opportunities for innovation and efficiency. Although collecting customer data clearly plays an important role, this information must be collected, analysed and accessed in an effective manner.

Search for distinctive customer contact

Mtel helps organisations in their search for distinctive customer contact and offers services where the use of technology is maximised in order to give customers and anonymous visitors the best possible support during their customer journey. If you know the customer's expectations, you are in a position to surpass them. Would you like to know more? Please complete the response form below or call Mtel by phoning 088 - 428 31 11.  

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