Our solutions can be tailored to each and every vertical, and are completely white labelled.

Unified Communications

All your business tools in one place

Unified Communications is becoming ever more important in modern business life.

​Allowing all your devices to work together such as your desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone and desk phone.

​Being able to dial numbers from your desktop, presenting your business number on your mobile phone and being reachable anywhere in the world provides an incredibly powerful business solution.

SIP Trunking 2.0

Much more than just an ISDN replacement

While everyone else is focused on ISDN replacement, we are delivering the next generation of SIP Trunking to compliment the premise PBX. We provide SIP Trunks direct from our BroadSoft platform, therefore enabling all of our hosted features to be delivered over the SIP Trunk. Key solutions such as Disaster Avoidance features to Call Analytics and Call recording can compliment the premise solution and enable a hybrid model for a smooth migration to hosted telephony.

SIP Connect

SIP Connect is a standard supported by Evolve IP, which enables IP to IP connectivity to the on-premise PBX. This standard provides full feature transparency with no need for a gateway.

HD Talk

HD Conferencing

In today’s business world conferencing isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Businesses demand quality at predictable pricing, and HD Talk from Evolve IP offers all this and more with savings of up to 80% on existing conferencing costs.

Crystal Clear

Our market leading support for HD audio and audio enhancement technology is setting new standards in audio conferencing, you heard it here first.

Web RTC Calling

HD Talk not only offers local dial in numbers in over 40 countries but also provides a free WebRTC option to connect to an Audio conference bridge from anywhere in the world.

International Coverage

The only true International Hosted Telephony provider in the UK

Our competitors believe that a National IP telephony solution is all that their customers need; however at Evolve IP we know that this isn’t true.

International, Not Just National

We now have the ability for local breakout in 18 countries, including countries such as the US, France, Germany and Italy (Non Geos, Emergency calling). These key requirements work through a local “In-Country” breakout.

We can provide and port numbers in over 72 countries

We can also present an international DDI across countries whilst maintaining the Calling details to the end party.

Open API’s

Open Platform

We believe our partners should have the ability to increase their value by providing robust new applications to meet and exceed their customer requirements. To ensure Evolve IP keep our partners ahead of the competition we have launched the first “Open (BroadSoft) Platform” in the market. We will provide free of charge fully documented API’s and a full sandbox test platform to our key partners to support third party development of new applications.

“You can have whatever colour you like, as long as its black.”

Is what our competition say, not Evolve IP. Our partners have successfully developed new applications to help target new verticals like Hospitality and Automotive, you too can open up a wealth of opportunities with Evolve IP.

In addition we can quickly interop new devices to support your sales opportunities and make sure our solutions exceed your customer requirements. We believe and support an open Eco system for our partners.


Introducing Sentry

Cyber Fraud has become an increasing problem for all businesses, To combat this Evolve IP have developed a solution to monitor and report any suspicious activity by looking a historical spending patterns. The Sentry fraud management service is implemented against all existing and newly created Broadworks groups and is both mandatory and free of charge for our partners.

The first stage alerts of the average daily spend threshold being breached and a potential threat to fraudulent activity/inflated call traffic. The second stage is to lock down the Broadworks group affected by implementing an Outgoing Calling Plan (OCP) profile that will disable further calls to international and UK premium rate destinations. Please see below a list of the current features available within the service.

Security DaaS

Professional Services

We are here to help our partners:

  • Scope
  • Price
  • Tender
  • Deploy
  • Train

To help our partners stage our full Hosted UC solutions with your new customers or prospects. Take a closer look at TVF as there is more than meets the eye.



Akixi 2000 service level of our call reporting software provides businesses with our most advanced call monitoring and tracking solution, allowing supervisors to successfully manage call centre operations with improved efficiency.

Our most powerful and complete contact centre tool for the provision of advanced analytics.


Working with accurate and in-depth call centre management reports on Akixi 2000 means gaining access to invaluable insights on business KPIs. Along with significantly improving the quality and consistency of the customer contact you provide, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) call centre reporting can also have a direct impact on the wider performance of your team and your business.


Akixi 2000 provides powerful ACD call centre reporting and our most advanced call analytics service. Effectively monitor and measure your ACD agents’ statuses, do-not-disturb activity and general performance. Identify performance issues and areas for improvement, find out which employees are performing above or below required norms, improve staff training and enhance the efficiency of the entire team.

Call Recording

On Air
Powerful call recording software underpinned by cutting edge analytics and visual dashboards provide an essential combination for an entire understanding of your customer’s experience, resulting in excellent customer relationship management and enabling outstanding customer service.

Dubber playback enables us to bring call recording to the mass market. Each of your calls are saved for 3 days, leaving the user with the option of listening to them. If you swipe to listen to a call, it is then stored for a year. This is a fantastic tool for anyone who uses a phone as we have all had that moment of; what was that phone number, what was their name, did they say this Thursday or next Thursday, do I just need milk or did they say bread as well?

Why Record?

  • Monitor call quality and staff performance.
  • Resolve “who said what” disputes Protect staff from abuse
  • Train staff on call handling techniques to improve performance.
  • Rescue defecting customers Reveal customer service workflow issues.
  • Regulatory compliance (FCA Regulation).

Intelligent IVR

Always on. In the Cloud.

With our 5×9’s platform with the capability of Intelligent IVR provides an incredibly powerful solution for your end customers.

Inference’s software-as-a-service offering is used globally by Government, Fortune 500 and small businesses. Virtual agents automate transactions, support live agents and handle millions of conversations across phone, text and web 24/7.


Virtual agents have a wide variety of skills including speech recognition, natural language processing, text-to-speech, voice biometrics, transcription and API integration. They’re always working and always learning new skills.

Your agents can work on tasks across different channels. They can perform back office functions as well react to changes in your business in real-time. They’re security conscious. Fully PCI compliant. Fully HIPAA compliant.

Major Enterprise Features

All the features that your agents need and your customers want

Overcome the limitations of your current solution

Candy Shop

Feel like a kid in a candy shop with over 500 features to choose from.

Our array of features have enabled our partners to explore and expand into new verticals, offering fully tailored solutions and significant cost savings.

Thanks to our open eco-system and API’s, available to all channel partners of Evolve IP, bespoke solutions can be created to meet the unique requirement of your end user.

Offer you the peace of mind you deserve

“The safest pair of hands”

With Evolve IP, you really are in “the safest pair of hands”.

This is because we are operate a 99.999% up-time hosted telephony carrier grade solution.

Unlike some providers, we have innovated in our data centres across the world to increase our resiliency.

With data centres in the United Kingdom and the US providing true carrier grade resilience solution with low latency to our partner customers across the world.

In the event of a natural disaster, we can seamlessly cut over to any data centre, in any continent in less than a second with no service interruptions, worldwide.

Take you around the world

Here’s your passport

Take yourself round the world with Evolve IP,

With access to 72 countries worldwide and local breakout in 21 of those countries including: USA, France, Italy, Canada, Germany, Spain and Holland to name but a few, the world really is your oyster.

Grab your passport and come with us for the journey.

Work Anywhere

With Evolve IP, you are able to work anywhere in the world as if you were in your office.

This is key in a modern business world:

  • Present your business number from your mobile, anywhere in the world
  • Flexible Seating
  • Global extension dialing

Multi-point video comes to Evolve IP

Evolve IP virtual meeting room brings people Closer, In HD, Visually Connect, Any Device, Protocol, Platform or Place while supporting Flexible Working.

White Labelling

The virtual meeting room product offers white label branding allowing you to have your own portal for your customers with your branding and colour scheme as well as your own domain.

A mandatory requirement for all channel partners

With the UK reported as the third most targeted country globally for toll fraud this multi-billion dollar crime is rising by an estimated 15% annually. The average cost of £14k per victim is often only discovered when the bill arrives, and it’s too late.

Here at TVF we don’t like surprises and have designed a bespoke solution to protect against this ever-increasing threat. With intelligent monitoring to protect your system, Sentry is a proactive solution reporting suspicious activity and offering multiple thresholds to ensure only genuinely fraudulently activity is prevented.

Sentry is a mandatory requirement for all channel partners, and because we are so committed to security we offer this fraud management service free of charge.

To find out more about this please contact